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2010 MD&M Conference on Design of PEEK Implants

October 12, 2010, Minneapolis, MN

Chair: Steve Kurtz, Ph.D., Exponent


Part I: PEEK Appetizer


Overview of PEEK Biomaterials: Steve Kurtz

Making the Donuts: Grade Selection and Processing: Ken Kostecki, Technical Support Manager, Invibio


Part II: PEEK Design Pioneers


Origin of PEEK Brantigan Spinal Cages: Bill Christianson, Worldwide Vice President, Regulatory Affairs and External Relations, DePuy Spine

Design and Development of the Epoch Stem: Mike Hawkins, Ph.D., Vice President, Corporate Research, Zimmer, Inc.

FDA Approach to Preclinical Testing: Jonathan Peck, FDA Reviewer

Part III: Designing PEEK Implantables for New Applications


Design of PEEK Orthopedic Bearings: Jim Nevelos, Ph.D.,  Director of Hip R&D, Homer Stryker Center for Orthopaedic Education and Research

Design of Bioactive PEEK Composite Implants: Prof. Ryan Roeder, Notre Dame

Metal and HA Coating Technologies for PEEK Implants: Pierfrancesco Robotti, R&D Manager, Eurocoating Spa

Antimicrobial PEEK Solutions: Dave Jaekel, Drexel University

56th Annual Meeting of the Orthopedic Research Society (2010)

The latest PEEK biomaterial research was presented in 12 papers at the 2010 Meeting of the Orthopaedic Research Society (ORS), held at the Convention Center, Hall H, New Orleans, Louisiana, March 6-9, 2010.

Click on the hyperlinks to download a copy of the abstract from the ORS website.

1.    0274 - Validation of a Test Method for Evaluating the Fatigue Performance of PEEK Spinal Fusion Rod Systems. By Siskey, Ryan; Day, Judd; Kurtz, Steven.
2.    0275 - Performance of PEEK All-Polymer Articulations for Spinal Applications. By Medley, John; Austin, Heather; Langohr, Dan; Harper, Megan.
3.    1192 - Self-initiated surface graft polymerization of poly(2-methacryloyloxyethyl phosphorylcholine) on PEEK and carbon fiber reinforc ed PEEK for orthopaedic and spinal applications. By Kyomoto, Masayuki; Moro, Toru; Takatori, Yoshio; Kawaguchi, Hiroshi; Nakamura, Kozo; Ishihara, Kazuhiko.
4.    1193 - Improvement of osteoblast attachment and growth on PEEK by water and ammonia plasma surface treatment. By Lui, Raven; Yeung, Kelvin; Chu, Paul; Luk, Keith; Cheung, Kenneth.
5.    1397 - Interbody fusion with PEEK and a novel compliant titanium fusion device in an aged ovine model. By Pelletier, Matthew; Cordaro, Nicholas; Waites, Matthew; Punjabi, Vaibhav; Walsh, William.
6.    1397 - Interbody fusion with PEEK and a novel compliant titanium fusion device in an aged ovine model. By Turner, Joseph; Paller, David; Murrell, Brian.
7.    1525 - Lumbar Spine Range of Motion with Dynamic, PEEK and Rigid Titanium Rods. By Rao, Milind; Coombs, Dana; Clary, Chadd; Laz, Peter; Petrella, Anthony; Bushelow, Michael; Rullkoetter, Paul.
8.    1530 - Enhanced Spinal Fusion Stability with the Use of a Novel PEEK Intervertebral Body Fusion Device. By Bruffey, James; Hermida, Juan; Chen, Peter; D'Lima, Darryl.
9.    1801 - The Design and Pullout Strength of a Novel Shape-Memory PEEK Suture Anchor. By Yakacki, Christopher; Griffis, Jack; Poukalova, Mariya; Evans, Nathan; Brahmbhatt, Parth; Gall, Ken.
10.   2146 - Pilot Antimicrobial Studies of 1% Nanosilver Composite PEEK to Reduce Bacterial Adherence. By Jaekel, David; Davidson, Helen; Hickok, Noreen; Kurtz, Steven.
11.    2178 - Effect of Plasma Treatment of PEEK on Bacterial Adhesion. By Rochford, Edward; Poulsson, Alexandra; Moriarty, Thomas; Richards, Geoff.
12.   2281 - Validation of the Small Punch Test for Unfilled and Radiopaque PEEK Biomaterials. By Jaekel, David; MacDonald, Dan; Kurtz, Steven.


PEEK Advancements at 2009 ESB

Advancements in PEEK biomaterial research were presented at the European Society for Biomaterials (ESB) Annual Meeting in Lausanne, Switzerland, from September 7-11, 2009. A two and half-hour symposium with five talks, as well as posters, was presented.


Workshop 1: Understanding and Modifying the Cell Response to PEEK (Monday, September 7, 2009, 2:30-5:00 PM)
Chair Persons: Marcus Jarman-Smith, UK and Alexandra Poulsson, Switzerland

1.    Introductory Overview of the PEEK Biomaterial and its Growing Use (M. Jarman-Smith, Invibio Ltd., UK)
2.    The Effect of Oxygen Rich Plasma Surface Modification on Primary Human Osteoblast Adhesion in Vitro (A. Poulsson, AO Research Institute, Switzerland)
3.    Static and Fatigue Properties of Titanium-Coated Carbon-Fiber Reinforced PEEK (G. Zappini, Eurocoatings, Italy)
4.    Bacterial Adhesion and Steps towards Future Infection Studies, based upon Experiences with Titanium Orthopedic Materials (T. F. Moriary, AO Research Institute, Switzerland)
5.    Chemical Surface Modification of PEEK with Polymer Layers (A Brunsen, Max-Plank-Instutut für Polymerforschung, Germany)

Additional PEEK Presentations/Posters at ESB

6. Characterization and Properties of biocompatible titanium coatings applied on PEEK substrates (M. Glisser et al, German/Swizterland) T168-168, 15:30

7. Factors affecting the Wear Resistance of PEEK in Pin-on-Disc Tests (L. Eschbach, et al., Switzerland) T216-415
8. PEEK Providing Solutions for Active Implantable Medical Devices (N Sereno, UK) T218-376 11:00
9. PEEK Implants Produced by Rapid Manufacturing with Laser Sintering- Sterilization and Biocompatiblity Studies, Poster 644, R. Wach et al.

10. The effect of plasma technology in Bioactivity Enhancement of PEEK, Poster 854, Lui et al.
11. In vitro investigation into bacterial adhesion to medical grade PEEK surfaces, Poster 666, Rochford E et al.

12. Self-initiated surface graft polymerization of biocompatible phospholipid polymer on PEEK by photo-irradiation, Poster 978, Kyomoto M et al.

13. Modified Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) cultivated in SBF – an outlook for osteoblast cell tests, Poster 1020, Spintig T et al.

14. Mechanical evaluation of PEEK coated titanium alloy, Poster 547, Ahmed Z et al
15. In vitro evaluation of bioactive composites consisting of CaO-SiO2 particles and PEEK, Poster 1114, Kim IY et al.


PEEK Research at 2009 SFB Meeting

Research on PEEK biomaterials was presented at the Society for Biomaterials Annual Meeting in San Antonio, Texas, USA (April 22-25, 2009). A two-hour symposium with seven talks, as well as posters, was presented. Authors of PEEK research were invited to post their posters, abstracts, and/or presentations from the conference on the Medical PEEK Lexicon. 


Symposium on PEEK Biomaterials: From Isoelastic Hip Stems to Bone Scaffolds (April 23, 2009, 1-3 PM)

Moderator: S. Kurtz, Drexel University ( 


1. Invited Lecture (30 min) - Incorporating Hydroxyapatite and Porosity into PEEK for Orthopedic and Spine Applications - R. Roeder, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN (

2. Podium Presentation (15 min) - Plasma Surface modification of PEEK to improve primary human osteoblast cell adhesion and function - A. H. C. Poulsson (, R. G. Richards; AO Res. Inst., Davos Platz, SWITZERLAND.

3. Podium Presentation (15 min) -Podium Presentation (15 min) - New Technique for Crystallinity Measurements of Medical Grade PEEK Utilizing FTIR-microscopy - D. Jaekel (, F. Medel, S. Kurtz; Drexel Univ., Philadelphia, PA.

4. Podium Presentation (15 min) - In Vitro Analysis of Novel Porous PEEK Orthopedic Biomaterial - B. Landy1, S. VanGordon1, M. Jarman-Smith2, P. McFetridge1, V. Sikavitsas1 (; 1Univ. of Oklahoma, Norman, OK, 2Invibio Ltd.,, Lancashire FY5 4QD, UNITED KINGDOM.

5. Podium Presentation (15 min) - Plasma Spray Deposition of Titanium and Hydroxyapatite on PEEK and Carbon Fiber-Reinforced PEEK - P. Robotti1 (, S. Vedova1, A. Fabbri1, C. Migliaresi2, V. Fontanari2; 1Eurocoating Spa, Cirč-Pergine, Trento, ITALY, 2Univ. of Trento, Trento, ITALY.

6. Podium Presentation (15 min) - Exploring the Wear of a PEEK All-Polymer Articulation for Spinal Applications - H. Austin1 (, M. Powell2, J. Medley1, D. Langohr1; 1Univ. of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON, CANADA, 2Medtronic, Spine & Biologics, Memphis, TN.

7. Podium Presentation (15 min) - Fatigue Crack Initiation and Propagation Behavior of Neat PEEK under Notched Conditions - M. Sobieraj1 (, J. Murphy1, J. Brinkman1, S. Kurtz2, C. Rimnac1; 1Case Western Reserve Univ., Cleveland, OH, 2Exponent, Inc. and Drexel Univ., Philadelphia, PA.

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