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PEEK at the 8th WBC

New research on PEEK biomaterials appeared at the 8th World Biomaterials Congress in Amsterdam, Netherlands (May 28-June 1, 2008). 19 podium presentations and posters related to medical grade PEEK were presented. Many authors of PEEK research have agreed to post their posters, abstracts, and/or presentations from the conference on the Medical PEEK Lexicon.  Please click on the links below to access the individual conference materials for each presentation. These conference materials may also be accessed individually within the Publications & Reports section of the website.


 Podium Presentations:

1. Vedova et al.: Effects of Plasma Spray HA coating process onto mechanical properties of PEEK and Carbon Fiber-Reinforced PEEK.

2. Poulsson et al.: Surface Modification of PEEK using Oxygen Plasma Treatment to Aid Primary Human Osteoblast Adhesion.



1. Gronowicz et al.: Bone formation potential of human primary osteoblasts upon PEEK compared to titanium. P-Thu-F-395.

2. McFetridge et al.: Preliminary evaluation of a porous Polyetherether ketone (PEEK) suitable for implantation. P-Sat-A-006.

3. Sobieraj et al: Tensile Fracture Behavior of PEEK in the Presence of a Notch Riser. P-Sat-A-013.

4. Warwick et al.: Laser Welding of PEEK-OPTIMA® for Medical Devices. P-Sat-B-305.

5. Scholes and Unsworth: The Likely Performance of CFR-PEEK/CoCrMo for Artificial Joints. P-Sat-I-597.

6. Scholes & Unsworth A. Comparison of PEEK/PEEK, CFR-PEEK/CFR-PEEK and alternative PAEK couplings for use in orthopaedic applications. P-Sat-I-598.

7. Brown et al.: A Comprehensive Wear Assessment of Self-Mating PEEK-OPTIMA for Disc Arthroplasty Applications. P-Sat-K-661.

8. Jarman-Smith: Preliminary evaluation of a Polyetherether ketone (PEEK) fibre suitable for implantation. P-Sat-K-675.

9. Crosbie: Gravimetric wear analysis of a polyetheretherketone interpositional knee arthroplasty device using a simulated knee motion machine. P-Thu-G-475.

10. De Langen: Polymer solutions for improving treatment in radiotherapy. Poster P-Thu-G-442,

11. Wieling et al.: Improved bone ongrowth to PEEK with CF implants using a Ti VPS-coating, P-Thu-A-167.

12. Pino et al.: Nucleation and Growth of Apatite on NaOH treated PEEK, HDPE and UHMWPE for Artificial Cornea Materials, P-Thu-A-265.

13. Wong et al. PEEK/Sr-HA Bioactive Composites in Orthopaedic and Spinal Implants. P-Sat-A-015.

14. Austin et al.: PEEK-on-PEEK for Application in Cervical Disc Arthroplasty? P-Sat-A-182.


 Invibio Corporate Forum Presentations:

1. Kurtz SM: PEEK implants: Overview and potential.

2. Richards G: Biomaterial surface interactions and the versatility of PEEK.

3. Scholes S: The Tribology of PEEK Polymer: Promising results for bearing applications.


Further details about the WBC can be found on the conference website.


54th Annual Meeting of the Orthopedic Research Society (2008)

The three following papers related to medical grade PEEK were presented at the 2008 meeting for the Orthopedic Research Society:

Coating of Carbon Fibre Reinforced PEEK Implants with Titanium by Vapour Plasma Spraying for Improved Bone Apposition, by D. Devine et al.

Notch Sensitivity Behavior of Peek in Monotonic Tension, by Sobieraj et al.

The Effect of Accelerated Aging on the Wear of PEEK for Use in Disc Arthroplasty, by Wimmer et al.

To view the submitted 1-page abstracts, which are available on the ORS website, click on the links above.

21st European Conference on Biomaterials (2007)

The three following papers related to medical grade PEEK were presented at the 2007 meeting for the European Society for Biomaterials:

  • Titanium VPS coating to increase bone ongrowth of endless Carbon Fibre PEEK implants. J.Hahn et al.
  • Surface Activation of PEEK Using Electrohydrodynamically Sprayed nHA. S.E. Barton et al.
  • Nucleation and Growth of Apatite on NaOH Treated PEEK, HDPE and UHMWPE for Artificial Cornea Materials. M. Pino et al.

7th Annual Meeting of the Spine Arthroplasty Society (2007)

The following medical grade PEEK paper was presented at SAS:

  • J. Devine et. al. Polymeric materials for articulating motion preservation devices.

2007 Society for Biomaterials Annual Meeting

The following medical grade PEEK-related paper was presented at the SFB meeting:

  • G. Gronowicz et al. A comparative study of osteoblast response to PEEK or titanium commonly used in dental implants.

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