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Micromechancial Model of HA-PEEK Composites

The objective of this study was to establish key structure-property relationships and predictive capabilities for the design of hydroxyapatite (HA) whisker reinforced PEEK composites and, more generally, discontinuous short fiber-reinforced composite materials. This research demonstrates the ability to accurately predict differences in orthotropic elastic constants due to changes in the reinforcement orientation distribution, which will aid in the design of HA whisker reinforced PEEK composites and, more generally, discontinuous short fiber-reinforced composites.

Poster: Evaluation of PEEK-on-PEEK as a New Articulation

In this conference poster, researchers Investigated the wear performance of PEEK-on-PEEK bearings under simulated cervical artificial disc loading conditions. An initial run-in phase with a high wear rate and a second phase starting at 4 million cycles with a reduced wear rate (3.5 times less) was observed.

Biomechanical Assessment of a PEEK Rod System for Semi-Rigid Fixation of Lumbar Fusion Constructs

The purpose of this study was to characterize the mechanical and biomechanical properties of a pedicle screw-based polyetheretherketone (PEEK) SRF system for the lumbar spine to compare its kinematic, structural, and durability performance profile against that of traditional lumbar fusion systems. Performance of the SRF system was characterized using a validated spectrum of experimental, computational, and in vitro testing. Finite element models were first used to optimize the size and shape of the polymeric rods and bound their performance parameters. Subsequently, benchtop tests determined the static and dynamic performance threshold of PEEK rods in relevant loading modes (flexion-extension (F/E), axial rotation (AR), and lateral bending (LB)).

Heat Generated by Hip Resurfacing Prostheses: an In Vivo Pilot Study

In this pilot clinical study, researchers determined the magnitude of temperature increases in resurfaced hips. Temperature sensors were placed percutaneously in both hip joints of 12 volunteer patients who had 1 or both joints resurfaced with a range of bearing materials, including CFR-PEEK. A resurfaced hip with a ceramic femoral and CFR-PEEK or polyurethane acetabulum generated less heat than a resurfaced hip of the same design using a cobalt-chromium femur and either cobalt-chromium, or polyethylene for the acetabulum.

PEEK Dental Implants: A Review of the Literature

In this review article, researchers from the Charite hospital in Berlin evaluated whether there are existing studies reporting on PEEK (polyetheretherketone) as an alternative material for dental implants. A systematic literature search of PubMed until December 2010 yielded three articles reporting on dental implants made from PEEK. The existing articles reporting on PEEK dental implants indicate, that PEEK could represent a viable alternative material for dental implants. But further experimental studies on the chemical modulation of PEEK seem to be necessary, mainly to increase the BIC ratio and to minimize the stress distribution to the periimplant bone.

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