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Characterization of PEEK Biomaterials using the Small Punch Test

This study was conducted to investigate the suitability of the small punch test for characterizing polyetheretherketone (PEEK) polymeric biomaterials for changes in material grade, crystallinity, and molding process. The small punch test reproducibly characterized the mechanical behavior of PEEK and was able to distinguish differences induced by molding process alterations and annealing. The results of this study validate the small punch test as a repeatable method for measuring mechanical behavior of PEEK biomaterials.

MD&M West 2011 Presentation: Precision Micro-Molding of PEEK components

This presentation by Scott Herbert from Rapidwerks describes micromolding as a viable solution for prototypes, small production and volume production of PEEK components. Micromolding of PEEK presents an ability to provide intricate and detailed geometry to a micropart without adding cost and providing savings in material usage.

MD&M West 2011 Presentation: Anti–Microbial PEEK Solutions

This MD&M presentation focuses on bacterial adhesion and proliferation on PEEK as well as methods of biofilm prevention. Research has been conducted into bacterial adhesion profiles on surface topography, and also the influences of oxygen plasma treatment on surface adherence. Various coating technologies reported in the literature attempt to put bone attachment at a competitive advantage to bacterial adhesion and promote antibiofouling behavior. Finally, studies are being performed to evaluate active responses to microbial intrusion with both antibacterial silver-PEEK composites and possible antibiotic tethering to PEEK surfaces.

MD&M West 2011 Presentation: Machining, Moulding or Both: Considerations in medical device manufacturing

This presentation by Tony Whitehead covers manufacturing with implantable PEEK. Typical manufacturing processes include machining and injection molding. Costs, efficiencies, quality, and validation are covered. Examples are provided of when to combine manufacturing processes.

MD&M West 2011 Presentation: Using PEEK to take implant design outside the box

This presentation by Andrew Elleray discusses innovations in medical grade PEEK. By varying the PEEK filler from barium sulphate to oriented carbon fibers, a broad range of PEEK biomaterials with tailored radiopacity and mechancial behavior has been created. Fiber applications of PEEK, as well as porous PEEK are discussed.

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