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MD&M West 2011 Presentation: Using PEEK to take implant design outside the box

This presentation by Andrew Elleray discusses innovations in medical grade PEEK. By varying the PEEK filler from barium sulphate to oriented carbon fibers, a broad range of PEEK biomaterials with tailored radiopacity and mechancial behavior has been created. Fiber applications of PEEK, as well as porous PEEK are discussed.

MD&M West 2011 Presentation: Composites in Medical Devices

Paul Wooley from the Orthopedic Research Insitute in Wichita provides an overview of composites in medical devices. Composite biomaterials permit the engineering of application specific properties, such as directional strength and porosity. Bone scaffolding materials based upon pyrolytic carbon foam have broad applications for orthopaedic devices.

Biomechanical Evaluation of a Spherical PEEK Lumbar Interbody Device

The purpose of this study was to compare the biomechanics of a spherical interbody implant fabricated from PEEK versus cobalt chrome (CoCr). We hypothesized that the material selection would have a negligible effect on vertebral body strains since both materials have elastic moduli substantially greater than the annulus. The results suggest that a simple spherical implant design is able to maintain segmental range of motion and provide minimal differences in facet contact forces. Large areas of von Mises strain maxima were generated in the bone adjacent to the implant regardless of whether the implant was PEEK or CoCr.

MD&M 2010 Presentation: Pioneering CFR-PEEK for Spinal Cages

Bill Christianson from DePuy Spine reviews the pathway to regulatory approval for CFR-PEEK for spinal applications. The Brantigan Lumbar I/F Cage was the first implantable orthopedic device of CFR-PEEK approved by the FDA for human use. The preclinical biocompatibility and bench testing will be described and a brief overview of the IDE clinical data that led to the PMA approval will be presented.

MD&M 2010 Presentation: Design of PEEK Orthopaedic Bearings

Jim Nevelos, Ph.D., from Stryker Orthopedics provides an overview of the development of the first CFR-PEEK bearings for hip replacement currently under clinical trial. All contemporary orthopaedic bearings have issues with wear, wear debris, noise generation, and fracture risk. PEEK has great promise as a bearing material, although the ideal formulation and design has proven elusive.

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