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Characterization of In vivo Changes and Histological Repsonses of Retrieved PEEK Rod Spinal Systems

This study characterizes the surface damage mechanisms, curvature variations, crystallinity changes and histological responses of retrieved PEEK rods used in posterior spinal instrumentation. We hypothesized that PEEK rods would undergo permanent deformation and crystallinity changes while maintaining histological inertness in vivo.

Smart Modiciation of PEEK by Self-Inhitiating Surface Graft Polymerization for Orthopedic Bearings

In this study, we have demonstrated the fabrication of a highly hydrophilic and biocompatible nanometer-scale modified surface by the photoinduced graft polymerization of 2- methacryloyloxyethyl phosphorylcholine (MPC). The new and safer polymerization system is called “selfinitiated surface graft polymerization.” We hypothesize that the cartilage-like surface obtained by the surface modification of biocompatible poly(MPC) (PMPC) exhibits excellent biocompatibility and hydrophilicity under physiological conditions.

Biocompatibility of PEEK Polymers

This presentation reviews multiple aspects of the biocompatibility of PEEK.

Porous PEEK and Surface Modified PEEK for Musculskeletal Applications

Polyetheretherketone is the thermoplastic of choice for orthopaedic devices due to biocompatibility and strength. Despite PEEK’s widespread clinical use, two limitations include lack of a commercially viable scaffold for osteointegration and relative poor affinity to bone. The purpose of this work was to develop a reliable means to manufacture porous PEEK and to covalently bond a polymer coating for improved bone cell response for porous and solid devices.

Novel Mthod for Making Homogeneous Bioactive PEEK Compounds using an ultrsonic Co-feeding and On-line Mixing System

In this work, the feasibility of an ultrasonic co-feeding system was demonstrated by preparing homogeneous mixtures from two materials with different physical properties. Meanwhile, a homogenous mixing of commercially used implant grade polyetheretherketone polymer (PEEK) and bioglass which are prone to segregate during traditional stir mixing was proved for further bioactive compound fabrication.

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