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Clincal Trials of the MITCH Cup

This presentation details the first clinical trials of the MITCH Cup used in total hip arthroplasty.

A Novel, Flexible PEEK Implant for Treatment of Vertebral Compression Fractures: From Concept to Clinic

Treatment of VCFs using a structural implant consisting of PEEK represents a potentially viable alternative which addresses limitations of vertebroplasty and balloon kyphoplasty. We have developed a minimally invasive, radiopaque, flexible PEEK implant known as Kiva, which is designed to stabilize the fractured vertebra, reduce volume of bone cement, improve its containment, provides a mechanism for height restoration, and offers the structural support necessary for bioactive injectables. This effort describes the engineering and clinical validation to bring the design from concept to market.

Cryogenic Machining of PEEK

To date, despite the important role temperature plays in the machining of thermoplastic polymers, precise control of heat removal from the machining operation has not been possible since coolants traditionally used in machining metal parts are: (1) not suitable for medical polymers, and (2) do not offer temperature control capability for optimized performance. Therefore, the following objectives are critical in designing an effective, economical cooling system for machining thermoplastic polymers: (i) provide a reisdue-free coolant, (ii) provide fast startup and cooldown, (iii) prevent overcooling/ undercooling and (iv) allow machining of various polymers with different glass transition temperatures.

Particulate and Gravimetric Wear Rate Analysis and Flexural Fatigue Testing of a PEEK Medial Knee Interpositional Arthroplasty Implant

This study is a summary of the PEEK Mobility wear particulate, grvimetric wear rate, and flexural fatigue testing used in preparation for the CE Mark Technical File submission for the PEEK Mobility implant.

PEEK Based Composites: Manufacturing, Testing, and Properties

 This presentation reviews current carbon fiber-PEEK composite technology. This includes mechanical properties, biocompatibility, and applications.

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